Cry down, Kiss off

"You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you." - Isadora Duncan
💫You were once wild here, 🌷
Here on this Earth... in the grass in the trees we were free before, as children, before then as spirit. ✨Let your spirit free, don't be afraid the world will hold you, she is your Mother Earth.🌱 She wants you to play, sing, dance, explore, and create. 🌊Dive into her waters indulge in her dirt. 🌿Humans have the power to love and the power to destroy and be blind with love. Love can drown us, one moment we think this is it, I'll give it all up for "this" happiness, but before we know it, what we once thought was love ends up falling... but if we fall...the dirt, the water, the Earth will be there for you.🌞
To hold, you...
on your back, where you've carried the weight of your stressful social pressures
On your feet, where you've worked for money that is not real to support your social pressured status
On your hands, and knees where you've cried when the world has broken your heart.
Sing, dance, laugh, create, run, make mistakes be free! The rest will come, it was always there.♥️
Marion-Skye Brooke Logan

Filmed and Edited by Kathy Escobar

Danced and choreographed by Marion-Skye Brooke Logan

Music: Falling by Florence and the Machine