ISOLATIONS - Quarantine Dance Project

*this is a re-submission, I forgot to include video password on first e-mail, it is: isolations*

A month or more into stay-at-home orders now for most of us and the list of what we cannot or should not do for our own and the greater good goes on. But we can look at ourselves from new angles and see how sunlight bounces off of us at every hour of the day. We can look at the world through window glass and wonder how much longer, or just marvel at it still spinning.

On March 16th I began to gather (virtually or more than 6 feet-distantly) various friends to write a song, choreograph a dance, perform for a slow zooming camera from behind their windows, and shoot 675ft of expired Fuji 16mm film stock, taking advantage of all that we still can do to create what we love, to try to experience together while alone.

This is the result. We peer through the windows of nine people's homes. Inside their fishbowls they dance alone. But they move together. Their bodies are maps to all they hold in, all they fear, all they ask for. And through their dance they play, and they find joy, and they offer themselves up to the unknown, as we do both in crisis and in life, the constant and most true collective experience. Our plan is to expand the project even beyond this video by empowering people to learn the choreography, film themselves, and contribute to a virtual community focused on what we can do in the face of apocalyptic limitations.

I hope the Dance Magazine team enjoys this film as much as I did making it in a time when respite is so rare. I'd love to share it with your audience, so endlessly supportive of adventures in dance on camera.

Thank you for your consideration.

Be well,


pw: isolations