papa kind

Hi dance magazine crew,
I`d like to send you over our short - dance - film „papa kind" (2019 | 5min). The film examines the dysfunctional relationship between a melodramatic father and his rational grown up daughter. In the middle of the story we jump into the daughters inner world - a surreal dancing scene evolves.

The performance was choreographed by German dancer and choreographer Marie Zechiel and is performed by Israeli dancer Eli Cohen.

Watch „papa kind" here:
password: papakind

If you any need more info, stills etc. please don`t hesitate to contact me. We`re looking very much forward to hear from you.

Thanks & best,

"Papa Kind" (Dad Child) is a story of empowerment, latent agression and resignation. It examines the relationship between a melodramatic father and his rational grown up daughter. Apparently there are traumata in the past and a huge gap of silence between both of them. Still they meet in the fathers kitchen to talk and to seek for reconciliation.While the daughter has a strong need to solve the actual problems, the father has a different approach: He constructs a childish image of an intact family, ignoring all injuries in the past.Silent agression evokes anti-agression which grows louder. The situation escalates - again.We now switch to the inner world of the dauhter, represented in a dancing scene. We can sense how she feels, trapped in the destructive framework of the relationship to her father. How she`s dragged and pushed and gets injured. Finally she gives up the will to connect and to rebuild a relationship to her father.

Daughter - Usha Rani
Father - Jens-Uwe Bogadtke
Dancer - Eli Cohen

Written & Directed by - Justus Toussaint
Choreographer - Marie Zechiel
DOP - Peter Garajszki

Papa Kind is an independent project by young up-and-coming professionals shot digitally and on 16mm Film in Berlin, February 2019.