Dance film recorded around one month ago in Italy, Trieste. At that time we could not imagine the situation and that our lives will change so fast. The art film SET I in an abstract way illustrates the situation that is happening right now with COVID -19. Staying inside while one must work, caring for each other with staying distant yet connected. Embracing in complicated sequences of intertwined movement, trying to find an understanding and a solution for this complicated knot. Dancing with our own shadows protected by concrete and glass walls, strong and fragile at the same time. Desperately grasping for air. Trying to run away from it but there is no place to run to. We are all wearing the same "jacket". We are connected and depending on each other more than ever. European Union seems to fail its purpose since everyone is pulling into their own directions instead of helping each other. We found ourselves in a tunnel with our eyes covered. We do not know what it is in front of us and what it is at the end of the tunnel. Jacket represents the capitalistic world we are living in while the circles in the windows and hand movements can represent a symbol of circular happenings. Let's stay connected and do not lose contact with one another because we are blindly stepping into tomorrow. What do we know, we are just dancers, dancing in the contemporary world.

Choreography and dance Nastja Bremec Rynia, Michal Rynia Music: Max Richter

Directed by Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Fabris Šulin

Director of photography, color grading: Fabris Šulin

Sound recording and sound design: Dean Stojčić

Gimbal operator: Urban Košir

Editing: Michal Rynia and Fabris Šulin

Production: MN Dance Company

Co-production: FrameLab

Location: Trieste, Rozzol Melara.