Maybe We'll See

Hello! This is a solo that I self-choreographed. For this performance I really decided to challenge myself choreographically, to come up with as much original movement as I could, really allowing myself to explore the music and meanings behind the words and how and why the sentences were strung together in such manners. While listening and coming up with my own interpretations of the words, I was able to work with the technique of symbolism; tying deeper meanings to the movements which I found to be very fun!

Ever since I was younger, my passion lied in the expression of dance; the movement gave me light and filled me with a joy I just couldn't explain. Whenever people came over to the house, the one thing I wanted to do was put on a show, improvising to any of the music that filled the room! Of course I didn't have a care in the world about what it actually looked like, but in that moment I felt like a superstar! It was only much later I discovered the internet as I didn't attend a dance studio, so the internet was always my main source of educating myself with tutorials and other dance videos. I could not stop watching, and certainly could not stop trying everything they were doing! I slowly and gradually developed more control and awareness of my movements, also understanding more about the dance world.

By the time I entered high school (starting in eighth grade in Australia) I auditioned and got into an in-school dance course where I could have 8 lessons a week of dance education, which was and still feels like the best thing ever! I grew up watching YouTube videos of dance competitions, and had always been intrigued to perform in one! But because I can't properly receive solo choreography or represent a studio, I thought it'd be a fun challenge to just rehearse in a local gym and make my own solo, competing as an independent soloist, having the choice of song, costuming and of course choreography. This was my second year competing independently, and through being in charge of what goes on stage, I've actually grown quite a strong passion for it, and is something I would love to continue!

I of course have a long way to go choreographically and in terms of technique, but personally I was quite happy with the outcome of this performance! although I only enter myself in competitions for the experience onstage, I also ended up placing first in my category which was a very big surprise!