Believe in ILLUSION

Believe in ILLUSION is a short dance film generally about self-reflection wondering how human see himself how others see him and where is the difference. Even in relationships partners tend to provide source of self-reflection one for another.

Performing duo in this short film is NikiMartin. They are a contemporary dance duo focused on high physicality, acrobatic and partnering movement quality. Niki is coming from Slovakia and Martin from Poland but they met in Austria while studying contemporary dance. After a short time, the connection between them started to grow and they became partners in a real-life and on the stage. This gives them a unique quality of showing real emotions in order to capture and communicate with an audience in an honest physical statement.

Short film has been produced by WeMakeThem, a group of young people who spread thoughts reflect culture and society through combination of performing, music and film arts. Their short films come from movement and freedom and are regularly published on their YouTube channel (

They believe personal growth is fueled by self-expression and reflecting back. For them it is a part of self-development and leads to finding own personality, own authenticity.