What is Dance? (50 Dance Puns in 120 Seconds)

From our PR:

Sam Corbin, a New York-based wordsmith and 30-time PUNDERDOME 3000 champion, delivers a stunningly playful 2-minute monologue that answers the question: What is dance? She does so while deftly referencing the names of 50 dance styles from around the world ranging from the Pashtun Attan to Western African twerking, ending with a generous and irresistible invitation to MOVE.

"There are a lot of opinions CLOGGING the field, BALLET your confusion aside for a minute TANGO with me, because I'd like to TAP in and take a SWING at explaining it."

The video features dancers Olney Edmondson, Nobuya Nagahama, Sam Szabo, in addition to dozens of other local movers and shakers.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/h1JzgibPasI

The video is produced by Billy Schultz of Dancify That, a popular New York City comedy show that takes viral internet videos and has competing teams turn them into dance.

Praise for Dancify That

"Better and Funnier than So You Think You Can Dance." —Jeff Seal, Gothamist

A singular experience that celebrates the immediacy and ephemeral nature of this field, with light-heartedness and SO MUCH JOY! — Cori Marquis, Doug Elkins Dance

Ms. Corbin's pun videos have been featured in The New Yorker, InStyle magazine and more. What people are saying:

"We're sew impressed." InStyle, on "50 Fashion Puns in 120 Seconds"

"Wow. That's pun art." — HuffPost, on "50 Powerful Lady Puns in 120 Seconds"

"We're hugely jealous of Ms. Corbin's talents." – Classic FM, on "50 Classical Music Puns In 120 Seconds"

What is Dance? (50 Dance Puns in 120 Seconds)

Written and Performed by Sam Corbin (The New Yorker, BuzzFeed)

Directed by Lauren Greenhall (New Yorker, New York Post)
Filmed and Edited by Andy Zou (College Humor, UCB Comedy)
Produced by Billy Schultz (Dancify That)
Dance Mob Choreography: Leigh Schanfein
Dancers: Olney Edmondson, Nobuya Nagahama, Sam Szabo